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Option #1


The first option applies to customers who will be using their own personal watercraft as well as renting watercraft from Penrod’s. With this option, we pick you up at the landing and bring you back along with your personal boats for $10 per watercraft. This option is available for the 2 ½ hour and 4 hour trip.


Option #2


The second option is what we call a “car spot” and applies to customers who will be using their personal watercraft without renting anything from us. With this option, you would start by unloading your watercraft here at Penrod’s. Next, you follow one of our drivers down to either the 2 ½, 4, or 5 ½ hour landings where you would leave your car. You would then ride with one of our drivers back to Penrod’s where you would start your float back to your vehicle. Prices are as follows.


Burtons Landing- 2 ½ hour trip- $20

Stephan Landing- 4 hour trip- $25

Wakeley Landing- 5 ½ hour trip - $30


Option #3


The third option is for customers with their own watercraft who plan on going further than the 5 ½ hour trip to Wakeley Landing. At Penrod’s we do not offer a car spotting service past the 5 ½ hour Wakeley Landing trip. However, there is someone in town who offers this service. Her name is Debbie Belknap and she can be reached at 989-245-4325. Please call Debbie directly for pricing and arrangements. Debbie meets customers at Penrod’s and transports their vehicles to their desired river destination.


We hope this information is helpful in answering your questions. If you have further questions please feel free to call us at 1-888-467-4837 during normal business hours.


Thank you,

-The Penrod’s Crew


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